Friday, October 19, 2007

Armed Employess Stop Violent Robber

Robber killed in gunfight with recycling employees | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/19/2007 Guns in the workplace? Not just the bad guy was armed this time.
The drama started shortly after 9 a.m., when a man entered the facility and approached four employees sorting materials in a garage. He posed as a customer and said he had a large number of old radiators he wanted to sell as scrap metal.

Employees noticed he was acting oddly. They also noticed a bulge at his side.

Then, police and Geppert said, the man pulled a .380-caliber automatic and demanded cash.

Two employees were armed - and all three began firing.
No employee was injured - though one guy was shaken up and taken to the hospital for observation. The robber was shot, ran short distance and collapsed and died.

Why were guns in the workplace? Because recycling has become dangerous as the price of metals has gone up. The owner of the business allowed guns on his property and with good cause.

Self-defense is a human right.

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