Friday, October 12, 2007

Biased Reporting at CNN? You Bet!

'Anything goes' on Philly streets, teen says - This is a disturbing look at the life of a young criminal. But what is more disturbing is the inherent bias in the piece.

While the subject of guns and gun violence figures prominently and the subject of what the state can do, the idea that parents might be responsible in some way for raising their kids is completely missing.

Search for "mother," "father" or "parent" and you will find not a single reference. Caseworkers are mentioned. Police and jail? Sure. Programs enacted by the state? Of course. Anything to improve parenting in inner cities? Not on the radar.

Guns are the problem... at least according to CNN and the first 4 or 5 paragraphs of an article that talks about a generation that "lives by the gun." How about a generation that lives without law, or morality, or God? How about a generation that does not value education? How about a generation without fathers or father-figures? We don't actually know about the last item, because the multi-culturally-aware reporters are too non-judgmental to ask the questions. (They probably were afraid they wouldn't like the answers.)

Violence in the streets of Philadelphia is a major problem, but it is the criminals who are to blame, not the guns. (What is the PA situation on concealed and/or open carry?) But it is easier for the reporters to blame guns than it is to honestly critique culture. (Make value judgments? That is so 1950.)

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