Friday, October 26, 2007

Break Into Enough Homes...

and you will find an armed homeowner. KSWO, Lawton, OK- UPDATE: Burglar caught and shot after break in In this case it was actually the homeowner's son, who showed up and surprised the burglar.
''When Jeff arrived at home he noticed there was a pickup here that he had never seen before, and as he got closer to the house he noticed that the door was open which was unusual and drew his suspicion," said the family's lawyer, John Zelbst.

Jeff went and got a pistol out of his car and went back up to te house. That's when Zelbst says he saw the burglar coming out the front door carrying a computer and a rifle. ''At that point he told the young man to lay down, which he laid down for a period of time," Zelbst said. "At some point in time he got up and went after him, he shot several times, got the young man stopped again, told him to stay where he was at.''
The son was on the phone with 911 operators so the entire thing is caught on tape.

The goof-ball tried to bat the gun out of his hand, and got himself shot square in the chest.

Neighbors are behind the young man.
Neighbors say they are upset someone had to die over a burglary -- but everyone we spoke to said Jeff was right to defend himself and his home. ''As a homeowner myself, put in the same position, I would probably do the same thing," said neighbor Phil Smith. "I mean I work hard for my stuff and I earn my stuff and no one has the right to take it."
Everyone they talked to.... I wonder how many people they interviewed looking for that "guns are scary" neighbor.

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