Thursday, October 18, 2007

Can the Police Destroy Your Home?

Man Sues State Police Over Damages From Bucky Search | WKBW - TV Buffalo, New York | Local News If they have a warrant, they can do just about anything they want. Destroy treasured keepsakes, break down (even unlocked) doors, shoot you be forgiven accidental discharges of their firearms. (That should be "negligent discharges," but then they might have to pay).

In this case it isn't clear that they had a warrant, since they seemed to be in "hot pursuit" of someone they didn't find. The New York State Police did 30,000 dollars worth of damage and then walked away. A flash-bang concussion grenade apparently damaged a fireplace to the tune of 15 grand. There are also burned carpets and walls, and other damages.

If things are broken, that is life. But if things are broken the cops - or the government - should have to pay restitution whether they have a warrant or not.

My guess is that the courts will rule the cops can burn down your house and you are SOL.

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