Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chess - It isn't just for geeks

If I confess my geekiness will you still love me? I am currently (again) a member of the US Chess Federation. And I'm also a member at a local chess club, though I haven't been in a tournament in ages.

What Kind of Chess Piece are You?
Chess: The ancient game of chivalry, strategy, and warfare. In times past, emperors were said to play chess upon life sized boards, with slaves or servants playing the roles of the pieces. If you were to find yourself on such a giant board, what piece would you be?

Your Score: A White Knight

You scored 4 Power-Finesse, 2 Leader-Follower, 3 Unique-Ordinary, and 4 Offense-Defense!

Gallant, bold, independent, and strong, you consider yourself somewhat above the law. You laugh at obstacles in your way, ignoring them as if they were not there at all. Despite your independence, you do have loyalty to your team and King and Queen. For this reason, your opponents fear you-- but they also know that you can sometimes overreach. You are quick to take the initiative, working to control as much of the situation for your team as you can. In the long run, however, you cannot win the game alone. It is impossible for you to checkmate your opponent all by yourself, so you appreciate and value your teammates.

Link: The What Chess Piece Are You Test written by Gundark27 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I like it! [hat tip to Stormy Dragon.]

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