Monday, October 22, 2007

Doesn't Seem Right to Me

Charlotte Observer | 10/22/2007 | Prosecutor says change needed in state's homicide laws They are lobbying for a hate crime law because they don't think they can get him for murder. (The goof-ball in this case is charged with involuntary manslaughter.)

But here is the thing.... He punch a guy who fell and hit his head and died. There were names called before the punch was thrown. Why does this require a hate crime law to be murder. He willfully took action that resulted in injury and death. If he hit a straight white man, and killed him, he should still be facing a murder charge. The race, nationality, creed, religion, or sexual orientation shouldn't be the deciding factor. Everyone should have equal protection under the law. A death of one individual should not cause a murder charge to be brought, unless the death of any individual would result in the same charge.

The problem isn't the lack of a hate crime law. The problem is that the definition of murder has been watered down. Involuntary manslaughter should cover accidents and negligence, neither of which applies in this case.

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