Wednesday, October 10, 2007

NYPD beating up black motorists

Science teacher's brush with police ends in heart attack So when you are looking for a man in a white Maxima, a black man in any white car will do. At least as far as the NYPD is concerned.
Additional officers arrived on the scene with a witness to the earlier accident. The witness told them Jacob was the wrong guy.

"'I told you it was a white Maxima,'" the witness reportedly said, according to the complaint. Jacob drives a white Infiniti.
The treatment was so rough, that he suffered a heart attack - confirmed later at the hospital. But of course the police didn't believe him.
When the violent encounter was over, Lester Jacob, 50, suffered a heart attack and was left on his own in the street by cops, who accused him of "acting."

In July he underwent open-heart surgery.
A female cop said, "Nice acting," according to Jacob, and then drove off. Jacob said he struggled to drive home, stopping to vomit on the side of the road.
Only the car number of one of the cars is available. Unless of course the NYPD keeps records. While they could have detained him while they waited on the witness (he stopped his car as soon as the police were behind him), they didn't need to slam him into the ground car.
Cursing at him, they ordered Jacobs out of the car and roughly cuffed him.

"One officer crushed his knee into Mr. Jacob's back," the complaint states. "They then repeatedly slammed his head onto the car and then pressed his head against the car for some time."
I'm sure a police "investigation" will determine that the officers can do anything they want to a black man used reasonable force.

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