Friday, October 26, 2007

Violence Not Stopped By Court Order

KATV Channel 7 - Drew County Man Arrested for Shooting Wife There was a restraining order in place. Did it help?
A Drew County woman is in stable condition after her husband shot her three times, including once in the head.
As the subject of a restraining order, he was forbidden to own or possess firearms. So the restraining order and law didn't do anything to stop him.

Having a gun may not have saved this woman, but relying on a piece of paper to stop a violent stalker is not the best course of action anyone can take. If you have a violent stalker problem, you need some kind of plan for your own safety. I like firearms. You are free to choose your own remedy, but that remedy - those protections - should be selected with your eyes open and the rose-colored glasses on the shelf. The police and the courts can do many things. They cannot protect you 24 hours a day.

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