Thursday, October 11, 2007

Warnings Unheeded

Another shooting in a "gun-free zone." (It isn't REALLY a gun-free zone if people get shot.) Another set of warnings ignored. The Associated Press: Student Gunman in Ohio Warned of Attack
CLEVELAND (AP) — A 14-year-old student who opened fire at his high school, wounding four people before killing himself, had a history of mental problems and was known for cussing at teachers and bickering with students.

Asa H. Coon, who had been suspended for fighting, warned classmates of an attack — but none took him seriously.

"When he got suspended, he was like `I got something for you all,'" said student Frances Henderson, who said she often got into arguments with Coon. "I guess this is what he had."
Ignore warnings of trouble from a trouble-maker? Of course. People never exact revenge (or are just plain crazy).

And of course there were metal detectors installed at the school, that "students said were intermittently used." Great. Pay tons of money for security, then don't use it. That will keep us safe!

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