Monday, October 29, 2007

Would You Cancel Christmas?

Halloween: Is the Party Over? Once upon a time (not too long ago), in a land not so far away, Halloween was the Big Gay Party of the year. The Village in New York, The Castro in San Francisco, and other places all had parties.

But times change and the straights - including gang-bangers - seem to have taken over to the point where San Francisco's Castro District actually canceled Halloween this year. (They used to have a huge celebration - block parties, etc.) Even some of the clubs have agreed to stay closed in hopes of keeping people away.
[In] 2002, five people at the event were stabbed, and another person brought along a working chain saw as part of his costume. “It was like Escape From New York,” [Bevan Dufty, city supervisor for the Castro district] says.
Last year ten people were injured when rival gangs started a gunfight.

Passing of an era I guess.

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