Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another FBI Coverup?

Deseret Morning News | Feds lose round in cover-up case Possible, but hard to be sure.
The government has sought to keep Trentadue from obtaining a copy of a federal report that may show that Department of Justice officials conducted a cover-up surrounding the death of Trentadue's brother in a federal prison in Oklahoma. The report reviews allegations of misconduct in the investigation into the August 1995 death of Kenneth Trentadue.

Jesse Trentadue contends that his brother was killed during an FBI interrogation as part of the investigation into the Oklahoma City bombing in a case of mistaken identity. The death was officially ruled a suicide.
But since the DOJ and the FBI are sitting on the evidence, it is hard to say one way or another.
Trentadue's family sued the federal government for wrongful death. During the course of the suit, Jesse Trentadue claims he ran across evidence that government workers had destroyed documents and encouraged witnesses to lie about what took place at the federal prison in Oklahoma City. Jesse Trentadue claims the cover-up reached to the top of the Department of Justice's officials, including the department's inspector general, whose job it is to police corruption within the department.
The government would lie to us? What a surprise. [via KABA]

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