Saturday, November 17, 2007

Armed Citizen Ends Crime Spree

Disabled man pulls gun, ends violent armed robbery spree Once again, I would like someone on the Left to tell me how a disabled person is supposed to defend himself from attack without a firearm. He can't "runaway" as the Left loves to say. Calling 911 is a gamble. So what should he do?

In this case he did what his rights permit him to do, and it appears he stopped a crime spree.
A disabled man defending himself with a firearm from people trying to break into his trailer appears to have stopped a crime spree early Thursday morning that several hours earlier sent two motel occupants to a Springfield hospital with head injuries.
Police were investigating the incident at the motel when another call came in.
King said the couple told him they were confronted in their home about 6 a.m. by a man in his 30s and a 16-year-old male. The older intruder pulled a handgun, but apparently didn’t anticipate that his intended victim — a disabled man in his 40s who takes medication for serious back pain — might not be an easy target.

“The homeowner pulled his weapon and the suspect fled,” King said. “The suspect had a pellet gun; the homeowner had a real gun.”
The sheriff is great. J.B King is quoted throughout the article.
“I’m a life member of the National Rifle Association and I personally love homeowners being able to defend themselves and their families,” King said.
Law enforcement that values law-abiding citizens. Law enforcement that knows they can't be everywhere instantly. (This county only had one deputy on call, and the Sheriff himself, responded to this call.)

Self-defense works. Self-defense is a human right. Self-defense is your legal right.

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