Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Armed Homeowner Stops Arson, Potential Murder

Homeowner kills; second burglar to be charged with murder | KGET TV 17 So a bad guy breaks into your home with the intent to burn it down. What do you do?
Torres stayed in the car, while Espino tried to climb into a window. Stewart, the resident, had a shotgun and fired at the intruder, the [police news] release said.
The injured guy died at the hospital. His partner was arrested.
Even though it was Stewart who fired the fatal shot, and although Torres and Espino were partners, Espino's death can be considered a murder because it is a death resulting from the attempted commission of a felony.

Torres also was booked on charges of attempting to murder Stewart, for attempted arson, for conspiracy and for participating in a street gang.
The Good Guys won this round, or so it appears.

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