Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bet Your Life on 911 if You Want - Just Don't Bet Mine

911 Dispatchers Caught Not Doing Their Jobs | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News So the Left is always saying that we don't need guns for self-defense, we should just call 911 and wait to be rescued. The trouble is that in some cases, you are going to wait a good-long time.
Trouble Shooter Brian Collister is breaking the story. He uncovered 911 calls that will make you angry when you hear how dispatchers did little to help in an emergency.
How about a case where a 15-year-old girl is home babysitting a younger child, and even after two 911 calls saying that intruders are INSIDE the house, the dispatchers don't give the case any priority. It took more than 30 minutes for the police to arrive. Was the dispatcher punished?
Her punishment was a written reprimand
Or how about a 911 dispatcher that hung up on an emergency call to take a call from her moving company to confirm her move the next day. (That was another call about a break-in at an apartment.)
Her punishment was to give up one vacation day.
There you are. You can rest easily knowing that if 911 screws up and you or yours end up dead or raped, that the people responsible will have a black-mark added to their permanent file, or they will have to give up a vacation day. One vacation day.

You are free to believe that calling 911 is a guarantee that police will come rushing to the rescue. You are free to believe in the Easter Bunny too, just don't expect me to share in your delusion.

Even if the 911 dispatchers do everything right, the police are many minutes away. And there is no guarantee that the 911 dispatchers will do everything right. (Click the link below for other stories of 911 calls and the outcomes.)

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