Saturday, November 03, 2007

The British Also Struggle with Immigration

With mass immigration no one feels at home - Telegraph What does it mean to be British if you don't speak English? Should England abandon Christmas because it is divisive?
The craziness consists in thinking that we can accept any number of new people without demanding anything of them, and yet leave the idea of "we" undamaged. To anyone who is not an extreme economic liberal, or a Western-hating Marxist, or a euro-fanatic, the idea of a nation is intrinsic to other ideas we care about – culture, identity, neighbourliness, community.

If we are decent people, we do not hate the idea that newcomers can join us. But we want the place we live in to be more than a populated space, especially an over-populated space. We want it to be home.
As somebody said, immigration is the issue of the day.

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