Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cooperation with Violent Criminals is No Guarantee of Safety

Clerk killed in Lovington holdup She was cooperating, but apparently she wasn't moving fast enough to satisfy these goblins.
Police said two people entered the store and shot the female clerk, 53-year-old Virginia Land, as she tried to open the cash register. The assailants then tried unsuccessfully to open the cash register and fled on foot.
Three people are charged in the crime. Two teenagers are charged with murder, one 20-year-old is charged as an accessory to murder and armed robbery and other things. Justice may be served, but that will be cold comfort to this woman's family.

Your cooperation with violent criminals does not make them become non-violent. They remain violent criminals, prone to violent responses. In this case the clerk was clearly cooperating, but her efforts were not good enough.

Why is this important? Because police are always going about about it is best to cooperate with criminals. They cite no studies, no statistics. They just - mostly - don't want empowered citizens.

There are no guarantees in this life, and if you are confronted by a violent criminal, there is a chance you will die. (But then there is a chance you will die in the shower tomorrow morning.) Defending yourself can work or fail. Cooperation can work or fail. But I will choose action over inaction.

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