Friday, November 16, 2007

Do You Look Rich to Criminals?

Carjackers targeting high-end SUVs | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/16/2007 So the other day I had a long post about wealthy people who had been the victims of home invasions. Today the story is about drivers of high-end SUVs being targeted for carjackings.
Yesterday, police said the attacks are the latest evidence of a threat too credible for any driver, suburban or city, to ignore: If your vehicle is high-end, especially an SUV, and particularly if you are a woman, you are a theft target.
You don't have to be rich, or consider yourself rich, to drive a Lincoln Navigator, or an H2 or other SUV. But if you do, you have a target painted on your back - at least in Philadelphia.
Those who want your wheels just might be part of an organized ring that is shipping stolen luxury vehicles to Europe and Africa, where authorities said they sell for at least double what they go for in the United States.

It is a crime trend that local authorities have been trying to break up. In February, the FBI arrested three Liberian nationals who they said were part of a carjacking ring that had struck 20 times in the suburbs, targeting luxury vehicles in Bensalem, Collingdale, Drexel Hill, Havertown and Yeadon
It can happen to you. What will do if confronted by a violent criminal? Make your plans now, because there is no time plan in that instant when reality crashes in on you.

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