Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hunters' Donations Reach 1 Million Meals in Georgia | News | More than a million meals from donated venison 11/08/07 Hunters for the Hungry have reached an interesting milestone in Georgia; they have donated enough meat to provide 1 million high-protein meals to food banks in that state.
The program has grown almost every year, but this year it reached a new benchmark by collecting its one millionth venison meal - donated at Sealey's by a novice bowhunter named James Pirkle.
Thank you, James Pirkle, for being a generous man.

The donated meat is processed by butchers associated with the program and then given to food banks.
Not only is it popular, [John Becker, director of the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia] said, but the venison is a good source of protein for people who need it, and the donations always come when they are most needed - right before the holidays when demand is high and before holiday donations have come in to restock the pantry.
Everybody wins. [hat tip to NRA-ILA]

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