Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Some French Do-gooders Try to Kidnap Children

Pajamas Media: A French Noah's Ark Sinks In Africa I'm sure others have done more justice to this story, but what I don't understand is, "Why?" Why kidnap kids who have living parents (or parent anyway), and lie to everyone?

Because things are awful in Darfur and they must do something - even something illegal and morally reprehensible. Something like kidnapping children. I suppose this is another case of a bunch of people for whom the ends justify the means.

Of course they are upset that the kidnappers face justice in Africa - you know, where the crime was actually committed.
The all-time champions of diversity and respect for “others” don’t trust an African jurisdiction to do justice. What’s worse, they don’t seem to care that a handful of self-appointed do-gooders have run roughshod over gullible Africans and done great harm to innocent children.
Oh and another blot on the multiculturalism bandwagon, Muslim children were to be sent to Christian parents.

I think someone should look up the history of the Yeni Çeri (Janissaries) of the Ottoman empire and what that kind of thing did to destroy harmony among the various religions. (Just a suggestion.)

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