Thursday, November 08, 2007

Top Ten Guns Used in Crime

An interesting report of an "unpublished" ATF report written by Time Magazine. You wonder how they got their hands on it, and why it wasn't published.
1. Smith and Wesson .38 revolver
2. Ruger 9 mm semiautomatic
3. Lorcin Engineering .380 semiautomatic
4. Raven Arms .25 semiautomatic
5. Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun
6. Smith and Wesson 9mm semiautomatic
7. Smith and Wesson .357 revolver
8. Bryco Arms 9mm semiautomatic
9. Bryco Arms .380 semiautomatic
10. Davis Industries .380 semiautomatic
Some are on the list because there are so many in circulation. The S&W .38 revolver has been in continuous production since 1899 - and this classification apparently includes copies not even made by S&W. Others are also ubiquitous.

The author has to get a dig in on the inexpensive firearms. Poor people, in the thinking of this writer, shouldn't have guns. Though expense didn't keep the Ruger Semiautomatic 9mm handguns off the list. [hat tip SayUncle who has more info on guns used to shoot police officers.]

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