Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another Death in the Ratings Wars

Reality (or insanity) TV seems to be the same everywhere. Boyfriend used GPS to track victim’s movements, Spanish News, Spain, Expatica Cybernetic stalking. TV shows interested in ratings, ignoring safety. It isn't just the US that is out of control.
TV researchers were unaware that Navaro had been given a two-year restraining order due to a previous case of abuse that prevented him from making any contact with Orlova.
You have to wonder if they even bothered to look. (These things are in the public record, after all.)

The TV show in question invited both of them on, so that he could propose. She refused and was dead a few weeks later.
[Ricardo Navaro] had apparently activated the GPS (global positioning system) on Svetlana Orlova's phone, allowing him to locate her when he called her number.
Does anyone besides me find this "service" to be a bit warped? I would hope they would be sued to within inches of bankruptcy.

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