Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another Multiple Shooting in a Gun Free Defenseless Victim Zone

From the Heartland gives us the key information in Westroads Mall a safe working environment for Wackos While Nebraska recently enacted concealed carry, owners of businesses are free to keep their establishments free of any legal, defensive weapons.

They thought they were creating a gun free zone. They were wrong. They only created a defenseless victim zone.
The management of that property has signs posted at all of the entrances that might just as well read;

"Criminals, Psychos, and Gang bangers for your protection all of our patrons have for your convenience have been disarmed. Please consider this a safe work environment in which you can rob, rape, steal, maim, shoot, wound and murder as many of our customers as possible."

Those signs only stop legally licensed citizens from carrying a firearm in that building. Those signs have never stopped anyone intent on committing crime from carrying firearms there.
If signs would stop criminals, why not put up "No Crime Allowed!" signs everywhere? Do you really think those signs would stop crime?
By denying citizens the Right to keep and bear arms you are aiding and abetting the criminal element and wackos in the commission of their crimes.
Now Gunscribe lives in Nebraska, so I will take his word about the signs at the mall in question. And I share his sentiments about aiding and abetting the criminal element.

Update: Westroads Mall is a posted "No Gun" zone. Too bad signs don't stop criminals. [via No Looking Backwards]

Update 2: Front Site Press has Things I heard… Proving again that "denial ain't just a river in Egypt." People don't believe they are at risk in the mall. People don't believe it can "happen here." Here's a clue: If you are reading this, then you are living in the Real World™, and in the real world bad things can (and do) happen. They can happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime. You aren't safe at the mall. You aren't safe at the home. Or rather, you are only as safe as you can make yourself.

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