Monday, December 10, 2007

Armed Citizen Stops Rampage

Front Sight, Press - The Gun-Free Zone That Wasn’t In all of the reporting of the shooting at the church in Colorado, one thing is getting buried. The shooter was stopped by an armed citizen. That church was NOT a gun free zone.

Syd has the details and some spot on reaction. As in this tidbit.
It has been interesting to watch the language game being played about the security staffer who stopped the rampaging gunman. There has been an obvious attempt to “officialize” her, and I have watched with a certain degree of amusement as the language has morphed from “volunteer” to “plain clothes security officer” in news media reporting. Could it be that the MSM want to do anything they can to avoid acknowledging that this was a legally armed citizen who stopped this murderous attack with a privately owned firearm?
CNN keeps editing their story, without an archive, but here is how the "security guard" was described by UPI.
A parishioner of the New Life church acting as the security guard shot and killed an armed gunman in the second of two incidents Sunday that left five people dead.
She used her "personal weapon." That is, she was a concealed carry permit holder, and when it looked like manure was going to hit the rotating air moving device, she stood forward to defend the people that are important to her. Something adults are called on to do from time to time, even if all too few answer that call these days.

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