Sunday, December 02, 2007

Awareness? How about self-defense?

The Enquirer - UC students launch crime fight It seems there has been a lot of crime on the University of Cincinnati campus lately.

The solution? An "awareness campaign." Yeah, that will work.
As the suspect in an armed robbery near the University of Cincinnati faced a judge Saturday, about 40 students and other volunteers fanned out near campus to distribute 4,000 door hangers offering tips on how to avoid becoming a crime victim.
Look I am all for secure locks and situational awareness and all the rest, but when the manure hits the rotating air moving device, you can find yourself facing a violent criminal with only the resources available to you in the moment.

But of course, even given that Ohio recently passed Concealed Carry, university campuses are still gun free defenseless victim zones. (The spate of armed robbery gives lie to the "gun free" claim.)

Having a firearm for self-defense cannot guarantee that you will not fall victim to crime. "There are no guarantees, save death and next winter's snows." But being a defenseless victim is no guarantee of anything either - except being a defenseless victim. Crime is not something that happens to other kinds of people in other places. Crime can happen anywhere, and strike anyone, even you. You would be best served by having some type of plan to deal with it ahead of time, because once the crisis is upon you, there is no time to plan.

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