Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Betamax All Over Again - Still Waiting for a Winner

San Jose Mercury News - HD-DVD or Blu-ray? You would think the folks at Sony would learn from history, especially when it was those same folks who were in the middle of the Betamax fiasco.

Apparently they aren't that smart. They are doing the same thing all over again with HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Except this time around the public seems - for the most part - to be on top of the situation. DVD sales of both HD and Blu-ray disks suck, as do sales of players.

I personally don't know why any non-Sony studio would support Blu-ray. With Warner's Harry Potter series coming out on HD-DVD, do you really want to bet against it?

I for one wouldn't buy a player right now. I certainly won't buy any DVDs, since the old-style DVDs are obsolete, and either of the new formats could be obsolete by summer. Same is true of the players.

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