Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Defense of Self or Family Bullets Fly on Christmas Morning 12/25/07 An illegal alien - estranged boyfriend/father - shows up Christmas Day, but is not welcome. He pulls a gun and threatens the mother of his child. He is shot by her cousin, who luckily had a gun.
"Fortunately there was a family member who had a gun who was able to defend his cousin. And who knows what other injuries might have been incurred from these subjects who was bent on creating problems there and harming people in the residence," said Lt. Herman Silva, Fresno Police.
As to his immigration status...
To make matters worse he wasn't even supposed to be in this country at all. He had just been released from prison and was deported to Mexico but came back.
Oh, and this didn't happen at 11 AM or just in time for Christmas dinner, he showed up at her home at 4 AM. Not a friendly visit.

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