Sunday, December 02, 2007

Democrats More Likely to Be Insane

OK, so that's a bit of an overstatement, but only a bit. Republicans Report Much Better Mental Health Than Others [click the graph for a better view.]

And before you jump on the "its all about wealth" bandwagon, consider this.
One could be quick to assume that these differences are based on the underlying demographic and socioeconomic patterns related to party identification in America today. A recent Gallup report (see "Strong Relationship Between Income and Mental Health" in Related Items) reviewed these mental health data more generally, and found that men, those with higher incomes, those with higher education levels, and whites are more likely than others to report excellent mental health. Some of these patterns describe characteristics of Republicans, of course.

But an analysis of the relationship between party identification and self-reported excellent mental health within various categories of age, gender, church attendance, income, education, and other variables shows that the basic pattern persists regardless of these characteristics. In other words, party identification appears to have an independent effect on mental health even when each of these is controlled for.
The numbers.... are as always, fascinating. (click on the graph above for a better view of the data.) Democrats are 87.5% more likely to report "fair or poor" mental health. Page 2 of the article (first link above) has the breakdown by other demographic criteria.

In the final analysis (no pun intended) does this mean anything? I don't really care except that it is fun to stick it to the Left every now and then. Of course, maybe people with better mental health are Republican. [via Fox News by way of The Violence Worker]

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