Saturday, December 08, 2007

Does Anyone Remember Kosovo?

Kosovo Serbs, NATO brawl on U.N. village visit | Reuters Kosovo is the province which is - one might say - under dispute between Serbs and Albanians. The United Nations (sic) is trying to administer a "peace process" with their usual amount of success.

Clinton (Slick Willy, not the Mrs.) committed us to Kosovo way back in 1999.
President Clinton announced Feb. 13 [1999] in his weekly radio address that the United States would commit about 4,000 personnel to implement peace in Kosovo. He said the overall goal is to stop the fighting now, rather than later.

"America has a national interest in achieving this peace," he said. "If we wait until casualties mount and war spreads, any effort to stop it will come at a higher price under more dangerous conditions. The time to stop the war is right now."
Not sure what exactly those national interests are in Kosovo - I would be willing to bet that most Americans couldn't find Serbia on a map, let alone Kosovo.

Oh, that's right, it is in America's interest to have stable, peaceful countries in regions of the world that are of interest to us. At least it was in 1999 when Clinton was President.

Anyway, there appears to be no end in sight for the Kosovo conflict. The Useless Nitwits are trying to run the place. NATO (including the US) still has troops in Kosovo trying to maintain some level of peace. But the political situation is stuck. (Can someone point out three instances where the UN's involvement didn't end is some kind of stalemate?) Kosovo intends to declare independence in 2008, and I can't believe the Serbians will be happy about that.

Now, if you are interested in counting the years of US involvement in Kosovo, you probably need to start earlier that 1999. Kosovo is part of Serbia. You do remember Serbia and the Bosnia-Herzegovina conflict, don't you? It was characterized by various events most people would call genocide, but the UN steadfastly refused to use that word. (The UN would be forced to intervene if that word were used.) Anyway the US involved in brokering the end of that war in 1995. The war ended, but terrorism continued. And 78 days of bombing in 1999 sounds a little bit like war to me.

Funny how there aren't Congressional delegates or Hollywood insiders going to Kosovo to demand an end to the US involvement. Or maybe it's not too funny.

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