Friday, December 14, 2007

The End of British Sovereignty?

Be You Ever So High, The Law is Above�You - Tangled Blog - A TANGLED WEB There is a lot being said about Gordon Brown (for those of you not current on the leaders of our allies, he is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) signing the new EU treaty. Most of it is unfavorable. The word treason is being bandied about quite a lot.

A Tangled Web - my favorite British blog has this posting, but they are not alone.

EU Referendum has a nice round-up in Ignoring the people.

Or consider what the readers of the Telegraph have to say.

For those of you not paying attention, the new treaty is mostly identical to the EU Constitution that was voted down by several countries. Brown promised a vote on the constitution, but offered none on the treaty.

If you look close, you will find that individual countries are giving up their sovereignty bit by bit. This would be OK if it were done democratically. But something like 70 percent of the British people oppose closer ties with the EU.

The treaty still has to be ratified by Parliament, but the members of that body owe more to the party than the people they represent. It will be hard to stop it.

A side note: You should really be able to name the heads of state of at least some of the countries that are important to the US. PM of Canada? President of Mexico? I just provided the info on the UK? What about France? - the new French President is friendly to the US. Germany? Russia? Iraq? I guess we really aren't paying attention.

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