Saturday, December 01, 2007

Finally, More Women Are Getting Concealed Carry Permits

More women pack heat The average woman cannot defend herself from the average rapist without some method to "equalize" the situation. Add more than one attacker to the mix, and the problem becomes much worse.
Fueled by crime fears and fading stereotypes about gun owners, [Ms. Bunch] and other women increasingly are opting to carry concealed weapons six years after Michigan reformed laws making it easier to do so.

Permit applications have steadily declined among men after a surge in the first two years the law changed.

They fell for years among women as well, but are rising again. Women may set a record for statewide applications this year, and they're flooding ranges and prompting Wayne County [that's Detroit, Z-Deb] and other training facilities to host "women-only" permit classes.
The police cannot protect you against the rapists of the world, nor can they protect you against abusive stalkers, restraining orders notwithstanding. This is not meant as a dig against police, but a recognition of the circumstances under which the police work. "When seconds count, police are minutes away," even assuming you can call 911 before the crime occurs. Defense falls to you. In those few seconds you have to stop an assault, you are on your own.

A firearm will not make you invincible of course. There are no guarantees in this life, but if you are unprepared you will have no chance. If you are defenseless, then you will be a victim. [Hat tip to The Unforgiving Minute]

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