Thursday, December 27, 2007

French Do-gooders Sentenced for Kidnapping

Chad 'abductors' given 8 years hard labour - Telegraph Most people didn't follow this story.

A bunch of Lefty-do-gooders wanted to bring about 100 "orphans" from Chad to France for adoption. The only problem was that the VAST majority of them weren't orphans, but had AT LEAST one living parent. Kidnapping isn't what most people hope to be supporting when they support their favorite charity.
Six French aid workers were each sentenced to eight years of hard labour yesterday after a court in Chad found them guilty of trying to kidnap 103 children.
First people were screaming for the trial to be moved to France, even though the crime was committed in Chad. (Could it be that people didn't think the Chad courts would be fair? Or could it be that they knew the French courts wouldn't be fair?)

So now that they have been found guilty, and sentenced, the same folks are screaming for the guilty to be assigned to French prisons - where "hard labor" is not to be found.
Prosecutors said the group, led by Mr Breteau and Emilie Lelouch, duped parents in eastern Chad into handing over their children with promises of schooling.

Philippe Houssine, a prosecutor, said the sentences were justified because no one had shown any remorse. "On the contrary, he [Mr Breteau] displays an arrogant, insolent attitude, which means this is a person who is ready to do it again if asked," he said outside court.
The end justifies the means? Oh, and the little thing that families in Chad were mostly Muslim and families in France were either atheist or Christian, well that didn't enter into the thinking of the folks involved at all.

I am sure they had great intentions. But great intentions aren't enough. Road to Hell. Paved. Intentions.

[Update 28 Dec 2007: The bastards got sent home after all.]

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