Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How About Because He is a Violent Criminal?

Robber shoots manager for no apparent reason | The Star Press - - Muncie, IN Criminals don't need a reason to be violent, they are violent. At least the violent ones.
"There was no reason why he shot her," said police Lt. Al Williams. "She was cooperating when he pulled the gun out and shot her.
That's right. Criminals will shoot you even if you cooperate. Because they can, and they want to.

The Left - and Lt. Williams seems to fall in with this himself - likes to pretend that if you cooperate with violent criminals you won't be harmed. I'm wondering, Lt. Williams, what should a woman do who is confronted by a rapist? What should a parent do who is confronted by a pedophile? Cooperate? Really. I don't think cooperation is justified, in those circumstances or in most circumstances.

Violent criminals will not become non-violent peace-niks in response to your behavior. Having a plan (and the tools) for self-defense is no guarantee of safety. (There are no guarantees in this life "except death and next winter's snows.") But action, to my mind is better than inaction, especially where my own safety is concerned. You of course are free to make a different choice.

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