Thursday, December 06, 2007

It is Now Illegal to Eat in Florida Town

Neighborhoodtimes: Observers parse rule targeting Muscovies OK, as stupid politicians go, this group is even more stupid than usual.

They want to control feeding of a nuisance bird, the Muscovy duck. They missed.
The new rule reads in part: "It shall be unlawful for any person in the town to feed or distribute grain or food of any kind or nature to any wild flock of birds, fowl, including chickens or ducks, livestock or mammals of any kind or nature, whether or not they tend to assemble or herd themselves together in a concentrated area."
No feeding of mammals? This makes it illegal to feed your dogs and/or cats. Of course it also makes it illegal to feed your children (they are mammals, after all) or run a restaurant.

What it doesn't outlaw is the feeding of Muscovies, since they are classified differently by the state.

Now you can laugh at the stupid nature of elected politicians in small-town Florida (and you would be justified to do so), but some of these folks will go on to the state house, and probably Congress someday. Hell, people this stupid are already in Congress. And they aren't all from Florida.

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