Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Lack of Justice in Japan

Japan judges 'biased' on rape | The Australian For all of you who think the US is a horrible place, and that the rest of the world is so enlightened....
Jane claims that after reporting the rape at a police station near the naval base, she was held against her will and interrogated for 12 hours, denied medical treatment for the first six hours, mocked and humiliated and, when finally released, told to drive herself home.
The message is clearly, "Don't go the the police."

Or the courts. The courts in Japan failed to find anything wrong with police conduct. Including, her being forced to "recreate" the circumstances of the attack with her attacker.

No charges were ever brought against the goblin.

All those multiculturalists out there will no doubt think that attacking the Japanese over their view of rape and rape victims is wrong. But what is wrong is the way the police in Japan deal with rape. (Or not deal with it.)

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