Thursday, December 20, 2007

More on Christmas Cheer - Or the Lack Thereof

In Real Life Sucks, I mentioned a few things that have gone wrong in my life. Things with a financial impact. A trip to the boat-yard, always expensive, that cost a lot more than I had budgeted. Then a water pump that went south to the tune of just shy of 400 bucks. Today I discovered the downstream effects of the water pump. And I use the word "downstream" for a reason.

When the pump went south it started spraying salt water all over the alternator. After a serious bout of procrastination I installed the new pump, started the engine only to discover the alternator had packed it in. Another 90 bucks (or so) to get that rebuilt. I should have that back sometime Friday.

Happy Holidays? Bah F*$King Humbug.

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