Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Reality Rears its Ugly Head

After attack at florist shop, victim becomes 'the victor' by getting a permit to carry This is a disturbing story. The events portrayed aren't as horrific as they might have been, but it was bad enough.

A woman assaulted and held captive, escapes, but still suffers from the experience. The realization that an attack can come at anytime in any place pushes her (and those around her) to consider strategies for defense.
Beth, 41, was the only customer in the Carolina Florist shop on Ashley Phosphate Road late in the afternoon on April 10.

The man behind the counter advised her to look through a book so she could pick out a corsage for her son's prom. Suddenly, he held a knife to her throat.
She was able to escape after being tied to a chair and locked in a closet.
Weeks after the attack, she walked into a gun shop for the first time.
It is also an interesting article because of the positive view of the firearms instructor presented, its inclusion of some of the rules of safe firearm handling, and listing of some of the important points in the concealed carry law in South Carolina - where this all took place.

After recovering physically from the attack, she went to see about purchasing a handgun for defense.
As [she and the salesman] talked, Beth saw a fellow church member from Cathedral of Praise. The woman had heard of Beth's kidnapping; she was there to buy pepper spray. Several women from the church, in fact, had come in for spray and stun guns. A group of them was considering purchasing handguns. One of them already was receiving private firearms instruction from Frank [DiNardo, firearms salesman and instructor].
He wouldn't sell her a gun on her first visit because she was still emotionally distraught from the attack. He arranged training classes instead.

Anyway, this is one of the most positive views of firearms and gun owners I have seen in a long time. [NRA-ILA]

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