Thursday, December 13, 2007

Recharge that electric car in 5 minutes

Breakthrough battery for electric cars? - Green Machines- One of the things that hurts all electric cars is the recharge time for the batteries. This has typically been measured in hours.

Toshiba's new Super Charge batteries reduces that to minutes, Five minutes. It will take a couple of years for this technology to hit the road in a big way, but only a couple of years.
TOKYO - A new battery that can be recharged to 90 percent capacity in under five minutes and lasts 10 years will start shipping in March, Toshiba Corp. announced this week, hailing it as "a new energy solution" for cleaner transportation.
Things just keep getting better every day.

Don't like that 90% number? Just size the battery accordingly so that 90% charge gives you 100% of the required range.

Electric cars are cleaner EVEN if coal is used to generate the electricity. At least 30 percent cleaner. [Actually it depends, but it can be much better than 30%. That is a PDF, you are warned!] If you still think electric cars are slow, I urge you to take a look at the Tesla, or this little number.

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