Saturday, December 01, 2007

Store Owner Stopped a Crime Spree

Headlines: Man's fatal robbery attempt part of crime streak, police say He didn't just defend himself, he stopped a string of crimes (at least 4 have been identified so far) that this guy was responsible for.

55 minutes after trying to rob one liquor store - and failing - he tried again.
Gayton walked into Jet-Way Liquors, where he reportedly pulled a gun on store owner Charles Kellogg while demanding cash.

Police say Kellogg fired a single shot, killing Gayton.

Police spokesman Lt. Skip Arms said Kellogg’s shot ended a weeklong crime wave by Gayton, who began his spree Nov. 20 at The Schnapps Box, a liquor store on South Chelton Road, where the 21-year-old pulled a gun and demanded cash in a noon holdup.
The getaway driver is in custody, tied to at least 2 of the crimes as well.

Self-defense works, and when someone like Mr. Kellogg stops a violent criminal, we are all safer.

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