Thursday, December 06, 2007

We Hate Our Government

Congress’ Approval Rating at 20%; Bush’s Approval at 32% Both the legislative and executive branches of government are very unpopular. They didn't ask about the courts.

Congress' approval rating is at 20%, just 2 points above the all-time-low of 18% they tied in August of this year.

G. W. Bush isn't doing a lot better, with a 32% approval.

So if just 20% of Americans are happy with the Democratic Congress, only 26% of Democrats approve and only 14% of Independents approve of the Congress, what does this say for the next election?

The funny thing is of course, that while we don't like the bastards in Washington, we keep re-electing our own bastards. Incumbents have much too easy a time getting sent back to DC.

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