Monday, January 14, 2008

911 Call Records Self-defense Shooting

This is hard to listen to. A woman, who has had many problems with a stalker, called 911 as he was trying to break in through the back door of her home on November 12th of last year.

He succeeded in breaking in, and since the police had not gotten there in time, she defended herself.

Like I said, it is tough to listen to this call. But it would have been much harder to listen to her last gasp as he strangled her. (That is what he was trying to do when she finally shot him.)

The gun grabbers want this woman to be dead. They want to strip her (and everyone like her) of the means of defense, so that stronger men can strangle women like her with their bare hands. That is OK - since it doesn't rely on a gun. They believe the world would be better if no one had guns, but this woman would be dead without a gun. Thank all the gods you worship that she had the means of self-defense. And remember that the next time some gun-fearing weenie tells you guns have no purpose in civil society. The problem is, not everyone is all that civil.

It is still hard to listen to her fear, the 911 operator telling her that help is on the way, realizing that it would not reach her in time. I am sure she will have trouble with this for a long time, but at least she is alive. [hat tip to Xavier]

Update: More can be found here. Hat tip with more thanks to Oleg Volk who put together the video.

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