Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Domestic Violence Tragedy

The News-Press, Cape day care teacher killed as children watch A loser of an "estranged husband" kills his wife - in front of her day-care students - because of his "How dare you want to live without me!" attitude.
Cape Coral police say the estranged husband of teacher Christine Lozier, 36, reportedly stormed in through the back of the day care, pulled out a handgun and fired multiple rounds in the front hallway.
Good thing Florida law mandates that schools (and day care centers) are "gun free zones." Someone might have been hurt. Oh, wait...

If she (or some administrator) had been armed, the result may have been the same. Having a plan for your personal defense is no guarantee. "The only things certain are death and next winter's snows." But as things stand, there was nothing between this woman and her attacker but a bunch of preschool children.

She filed for divorce in October.

He will be charged with first degree murder.

I also have to say something about the "It can't happen here" attitude of the people interviewed for this story.

First there is the fact that Cape Coral is a bit upscale as cities go.
“This is too close for comfort,” [a resident of the area] said. “This is my own backyard. This is Cape Coral. These things aren’t supposed to happen here.”
If you are reading this blog, then you live in the Real World™. And in the real world, crime can strike. If billionaire Warren Buffett can be the victim of a home invasion (and he was) why do you think you live in an area that is immune to crime?

The "Our schools should be safe," crowd need to actually do something to make schools safe.
“It’s terrible when you think someone could walk in there with little kids everywhere and do this,” [one mother] said. “It’s one of your greatest fears come true.”
A lot of things have happened in schools. Look up what happened in a school in Beslan, Russia for example. Or consider that most multiple-victim shootings happen in schools or places like schools where everyone is disarmed.

Bad things can happen in schools just like bad things can happen anywhere. Complaining that schools are "supposed to be safe" without doing anything to actually make them safe borders on the insane as far as I can see. You can't make schools safe just by wishing they were.

If you want to make your schools safe, then you need to do more than put "no guns allowed" signs in the windows. You would need to turn all of them into high security bunkers. Even then you have no guarantee - there are none in this life. (Do any of you know what a katyusha Rocket is? Or how many have fallen on schools?) But enacting all the feel-good laws, and policies for gun free disarmed victim zones, do nothing to stop deranged criminals from unleashing violence in schools, at shopping malls or wherever.

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