Monday, January 28, 2008

Arizona Moves to Eliminate "Gun Free" Zones

Proposed bill OKs guns in schools While Washington State is being stupid (see previous post) Arizona is recognizing that all the efforts to make schools gun-free zones only make them defenseless-victim zones.
Supporters say the measure would provide an additional ring of security on campuses hit with a string of shootings in recent years. The most recent of which was last year's at Virginia Tech, which left 33 dead. The shootings have come in spite of heightened campus security and policies that are increasingly aimed at scrubbing any and all weapons from school grounds.

"Apparently, it hasn't really protected us . . . " noted Senate Majority Leader Thayer Verschoor.
The policies don't work, because they are not backed up with any action. Now I'm not suggesting this, but if proponents really want to keep guns out of schools, they need to implement airport-like security backed up by armed security guards. How much would that cost the taxpayer?

Putting "Crime not allowed" sings up everywhere, is not really going to stop crime. [via J. Lott]

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