Sunday, January 27, 2008

Britains Crime Problem and Youth Gangs

Youth gangs triple child murder rate - Telegraph It is a good thing that the official UK statistics don't include crimes where the victim is under 16. (Or 16 and under, I forget.) Anyway, with all of these kids committing crime against other kids, the official stats might be worse than they are.

Young kids in gangs. Killing to "earn their spurs" in a gang. And for all that England is officially a "gun free zone," very many people have been shot.

Some highlights (sic) from the stats.
• A quarter of all gun crimes last year were committed by under-18s.

• More than half of killings are believed to be gang-related.

• Children as young as five are joining gangs.

• Youths are killed for going into the "wrong" postcode area.

• A sixfold increase in the number of gangs in some parts of London since 2000.
The Home Office will announce "new and improved" methods for combating youth crime. (Their equivalent of midnight basketball, no doubt.)

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