Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chicago Police Driving Down Crime

Chicago crime down 3.8 percent, annual statistics show -- All done without a single new gun control law.

It started a few years ago, when in one year they drove the number of murders down 25%. That was done with the same work force, and without new gun control laws.

Today we read that "Chicago's murder tally officially fell to its lowest in more than four decades." The number of murders is still high (443), but the trend is still in correct direction.

A national problem is clearing (solving) murders.
As murder totals have fallen across the country, so too have clearance rates. When using the FBI's method -- of counting any murders solved in a year, whether the homicide occurred that year or in previous years -- Chicago's clearance rate rises to 59 percent, comparable to the national rate of about 60 percent. But that same national rate was 69 percent in 2000 and even higher in decades past.
The code of silence, intimidated witnesses, gang murders: these are some of the things law enforcement is dealing with.
Although most categories of crime declined in 2007, sexual assaults, aggravated batteries, arsons and burglaries showed small increases.
Which is why the law abiding citizens of Chicago should have a better chance to defend themselves.

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