Saturday, January 05, 2008

Did They Drop Out or Were They Booted Out?

Intel drops out of One Laptop Per Child program - Yahoo! News All (or most) of the stories on this subject have headlines like this one. Makes Intel sound like a big meanie who doesn't want poor kids to have computers.

But the real story is that the "One Laptop Per Child" folks don't like competition. They want to monopolize the market.
Intel (INTC.O) said on Thursday it will drop out of the One Laptop Per Child project and resign from the board after the project's board demanded the chipmaker stop supporting other efforts in emerging markets. [my emphasis Z-Deb]
So the board wants no choice. They want complete control. Intel basically told them to stuff it.
Intel last year introduced the Classmate, a laptop for developing markets. It is likely to have other projects this year.

"We've always said there will be many solutions. The most important priority is to serve the need," he said
What did the OLPC board say, when asked to comment? Just imagine the sound of crickets chirping.

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