Saturday, January 12, 2008

Everywhere I Turn There is Media Bias

Creative Loafing Tampa | News | A Whopper of a Fight So this is a story of the poor downtrodden (illegal immigrant) migrant worker tomato pickers being oppressed by the eeevil corporate giant, Burger King. Of course the article doesn't concede that "Over 90 or 95 percent of the farm workers are undocumented," until near the end of the rant piece.

Of course the eeevil Presidential candidates are just full of "anti-immigrant" rhetoric. Actually, they are all opposed to illegal immigration, not legal immigration, but that little fact doesn't interest the Left. (Laws? We don't need no stinkin' laws!)

The guts of the piece are that wages (piece pay per box of tomatoes) hasn't changed in decades. Which makes me wonder why people would bother to break the law, to come to this country, for jobs that can't support them anyway. Something is wrong somewhere.

Given that the first commercial, mechanical tomato picker was introduced in the 1960s, why are people still picking this crop? People don't hand pick the corn crop anymore. Surely a better picker could be built with today's technology. Then no one would have to be oppressed by the eeeevil tomato farmers and their eeeevil customers, the fast food restaurants. (Well, of course the Luddites claimed that the introduction of labor-saving devices hurt the laborers.)

But the best line is also near the end of this propaganda piece...
Judging by newspaper coverage of the CIW's Burger King campaign, the media is essentially taking the farm workers' side. Possibly as a result of having covered the Taco Bell and McDonald's campaigns, journalists and op-ed writers no longer debate whether or not the farm workers are actually poor.
Possibly, But it could be because the media is staffed with a bunch of Socialists who will automatically take the side of the (illegal) worker over the eeevil corporation.

Here's a thought. If you punish people for hiring illegal immigrants, all of these farms would be at the head of the line. Then they would have to hire legal workers (or mechanize). You know, we could actually enforce the law.

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