Tuesday, January 01, 2008


HAMMERS & FLOODLIGHTS :: illwillpress.com Foamy the Squirrel addresses one of my pet peeves... people who don't know how to drive, but do so anyway. (As always, Foamy is not really safe for work. Put on your headphones.)

To be fair, people in the land of tourists always say that people drive according to their country of origin. But it would be nice if everyone could follow the same rules - you know, the US rules. Call me crazy.

For example, you can't turn left across three lanes of traffic from the right-hand lane, not even if your hotel is down that street.

Stoplights, stop signs, and other signals apply even if you are on vacation.

The fact that you a saw a palm tree wrapped in Christmas lights is not reason to slam on your brakes, and taking a picture while stopped in the middle of the road isn't a good idea either.

You really shouldn't stop in the middle of the road (or the middle of the intersection) to read your map. Find a parking lot, or take a taxi.

And for the pedestrians...

Walk/Don't Walk signs apply to you even if it is Spring Training. (Or Spring Break, or Summer Break, or Christmas Break, or whatever.) And when you walk out in front of me forcing me to slam on my brakes and lock up all four wheels, it is impolite to laugh.

(OK, I feel better now....)

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