Sunday, January 13, 2008

Has Your Marriage Been Impacted?

Less than two weeks in, N.H. civil union count nears 100 The refrain of the Religious Right is always about how Gay Marriage (and even Civil Unions) will destroy the "sanctity of (straight) marriage." J-Lo, Brittany, Brad and Angelina, aren't destroying the sanctity of marriage, it is those evil gays. (Well, to be fair, Phred Phelps is all against divorce, but he usually speaks against gay marriage even when the topic is heterosexual divorce.)
Less than two weeks into the new year, nearly 100 same-sex couples have sought civil unions in New Hampshire.

Civil unions for gay and lesbian couples became legal on Jan. 1. Since then, at least 95 ceremonies have taken place, according to New Hampshire's Division of Vital Records.
All the straights must feel the sanctity oozing out their marriages. Or could it be that those 190 people don't really impact you at all? No, that couldn't be or the Republicans wouldn't hate the idea so much.

Once upon a time, the Republican party was in favor of small government and keeping the government out of your personal life. As somebody said, there is nothing more personal than who you live with. "Live and Let Live" is not a mantra of any political party.

Is it so wrong to want your loved ones to be able to participate in your medical insurance? To be able to have someone you love make medical decisions for you in a crisis? To be able to enjoy the same tax breaks (are there are a whole bunch of them around end-of-life issues) that straights enjoy? I don't think so.

183 licenses were issued in December. The licenses are good for 90 days. That must be a nightmare for some people.

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