Saturday, January 19, 2008

Neighbors are Shocked

The Connecticut Post Online - Man held in Stratford murder An ex-boyfriend is harassing an ex-girlfriend, a bystander comes to her aid and is murdered. Stabbed by the goblin in the story.

This is unfortunately not all that unusual a story. Jealous ex's (of both genders) routinely threaten and kill their ex- or a third party, all too frequently. But most people think this kind of thing happens in other places, to other kinds of people. "It can't happen here," is the mantra right up to the point when it does happen.
"It seemed to come out of nowhere," said Daniel Ebert, 20, who has lived on the street his entire life. "You always hear about stuff happening, but this is usually a quiet area and everyone is friendly with each other."
That was pretty typical of the responses. It is as if people believe they are living in Pleasantville, and not the Real World™. You know the world that includes crime and bigotry and domestic violence.

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