Thursday, January 31, 2008

Police Not Interested Enough to Keep Abuser in Jail

Beaten and tortured woman fears another attack from her alleged stalker She learned the hard way that the system wasn't going to help her.
Arab P.D. says Huntsville did not come pick him up and they had to release him.

H.P.D. says their investigator and supervisor were unaware he still wasn't in jail.
Glad to see that they are on top of this case. Domestic violence just doesn't get the attention it deserves.
Nina tells Jeanie, "I've had 14, 15 calls a day, threats upon threats."

Nina claims she began losing confidence in the system.

She says, "I was being told things that made me feel guilty for calling them and reporting my stuff like you're on the back burner here."
She made mistakes, and she admits to them, but she got next to no help from police.

The help she should have gotten was a loaner 9mm, a case of ammo and some instruction at the police pistol range. But that would require the police and the courts to admit they can't do anything. How many cops are going to admit to being helpless? Not too damn many.

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